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FREE download - how to wear a sarong

There are so many uses for one simple rectangular piece of pure cotton. Wear your sarong as a scarf, a halter dress, a strapless dress, a long skirt, a mini skirt, a kimono cardi, a shorts suit.   Follow our pinterest board for new ideas and how-to instructions.  Aside from just wearing your sarong, take it on vacation with you and hang it overhead for shade, swaddle the baby, use it as a substitute towel on the beach (they dry fast), use it to keep your hair off your face.... and then you can use it as a decorative table runner when you get back home.   Click HERE for our FREE download of 3 simple ways to tie a sarong.

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VOGUE - what an honor!

I am somewhat excited to announce that British Vogue invited us to appear in their beach pages this summer....  here is what they said "we are looking to showcase amazing beachwear and swimwear brands from around the world that may yet be undiscovered by our readers, and whose collections we feel are the perfect glove fit to their style and budget. I think that your gorgeous kaftans and other beachwear fits this brief and would make a perfect addition to this page during this key season and exciting campaign."   So it is our Starfish Tunic in Coral Pink, our most popular style ever which has been selected to appear in the July edition.  How exciting is that !    

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How it all began...

We had been working for a couple of years in St.Maarten and saving all our $ to go sailing again, we had a new boat we had bought very cheap at a boatyard auction but was in quite a state, so we had worked very hard to do her up.   Our baby was now 2 and the perfect age for sailing. While we were sailing I was creating beaded jewelry in the colors of the Caribbean Sea, which I already had an obsession about.  I used crystals, glass beads and LARIMAR which is the gem stone of the Caribbean, only found in Dominican Republic.   I had all the beads stored underneath the big navigation table, so I would...

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Tobago memories found at WWIN Show, Las Vegas....

The cricket was on the radio in the customs office of Tobago when we arrived to clear in at our first Caribbean island.  It was an ice breaker between us exhausted ocean-crossing sailors and the Tobagoan customs officers, as the West Indies cricket team were playing the Australian cricket team... luckily they were winning, so they were happy.  After a total of 55 days at sea, with only 3 stops, we couldn't be happier either.   Scarborough is the capital of Tobago, and it is a crazy busy, chaotic town, FULL of loud reggae music and bright colors.  An enormous contrast to our quiet life of survival at sea.  We stayed long enough to fill up the boat with fresh water...

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What is Surf Expo all about anyway?

9 years ago when I started designing West Indies Wear, we were sailing our little boat around the Caribbean, dropping in to visit various resorts and boutiques on the islands, to see if they wanted to include our collection in their offering.  Here is a photo of my husband entertaining our daughter on the swings at True Blue Bay Resort in Grenada. (how cute are they) while I dropped in to meet Magdalena, the owner. (what a gorgeous resort it is - check it out by clicking on the link!) Soon I realized that a lot of the buyers I was meeting, were traveling to Orlando FL to Surf Expo to see all the new collections, and so I thought...

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