Meet Angela, our island girl August 10, 2017 21:23

A little over a year ago I was talking to Tessa from Foxy's and told her I needed a sales rep for California, without thinking twice she said "what about Angela?"... I said "Who's Angela?".  Well once you meet this little dynamite you wont forget her in a hurry.

Angela moved to St.John in 2006 with the intention of staying 6 months, and like so many our stories.... that 6 months turned into the better part of her 20's and now her 30's.  Yes once you get that island groove in your blood, its hard to escape.  Angela started off working in at Big Planet St.John, the coolest surf shop on St.John.  Soon she became the buyer and merchandiser, and this lead on to her becoming a sales rep.  Funny how island life shapes your future. Here is a photo of Captain Angela that I love.

While on island time Angela discovered a love for yoga, and surfing.  She is now a trained yoga instructor, and threatens us to get yogic every time we are doing a show together.  I really must take her up on that, as I miss my yoga, but I always feel too exhausted on those mammoth trips to USA.  All this island love also made Angela adventurous.  Here is a photo of her in Cape Town, South Africa.  Table Mountain always spectacular!

And here she is in Simonstown, in Cape Town.  A place I visited too, when I was living in South Africa.

Angela has been with us for a year now, and she adds a whole bunch of FUN and youthful energy to our team.  She is an outstanding sales rep, and she has a great eye for fashion.  She really has inspired me to add some NEW younger styles to the collection.  Here is a photo of her in our SeaStar Kimono that I designed for 2018.  I had trouble getting the sample off her as she loved it so much.

One love island girl Angela, so grateful to have you as a friend and on our team. x