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Summer of HEAT WAVES

As we embark on the last month of Northern Winter, I am sure you are all starting to daydream about some sunshine.  Here in Australia we have had a long HOT summer. I believe our "heat waves" have even made the news over there in the USA, as a few people I have spoken to on the phone in the US, have said to me "how are you coping with the heat wave"?  The heat I can cope with (I am an island girl after all) but the lack of rain is not so much fun.  The house we built here in Australia on our return from the Caribbean is on a 1.5 acre block out in the bush.  We are...

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Biggest Shipment EVER!!!

I am not too sure if the logistics of behind the scenes is of any interest to you guys at all, but we are not all coconuts, sunsets and pina colada's.   Today our biggest shipment EVER arrived in the warehouse, and Lauren sent me this photo!!! BOY the stress levels have been high this last week, both of us trying not to lose it with each other, but when it comes down to it, HOW LUCKY AM I ???  I love this woman. We have worked together for 10 years now, and she has always been there for me!  Without her, where would we be?   Its all my fault its BIG, because when I started designing the 2019...

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What's in the Top 10?

At this time of the year, our Caribbean and Southern Florida stores have had our new collection in their stores for a couple of months, and they already know which are the best sellers.   We thus find out what the BEST SELLERS from our new collection are, as our boutiques place their re-orders to fill in the sizes/colors on their rack that SOLD. So for all our retailers who are still buried under a mountain of snow, and starting to plan their buy for spring.... here is a HUGE helping hand..... A list of our 2019 collection TOP 10. 1. Coral Reef Tunic 2. New Turtle Love Tunic 3. New Turtle Love Sarong 4. Fireworks Turtle Tee Dress 5. Arawak Dress (remember this comes...

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Aussie fashion student to Caribbean Sailor/Designer

The other day my mum was visiting and as we reflected on the new year, she said something about how far I have come.  Funny, that I am usually so focussed on my out of control inbox and the mammoth projects that are happening at the moment, that I rarely stop and look back.  Here I am in my early 20's, graduating from Fashion College, I was selected to represent my college at the Australian Fashion Awards, and then I was selected as a finalist... one of top 3 students in Australia.  My graduation collection was telecast LIVE across Australia, it was kinda a BIG DEAL... Have a look at the video, I guess its safe to say I have always had a thing for...

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Vacation in Turks & Caicos

One of our island friends Monica, emailed this to me last week.... "Hi Kim, I'm going to Turks. Have you been to West Indies Resort there? How is it?"  I replied with..  "Hi Monica, I haven’t been to Turks & Caicos actually, but we do have a couple of stores there.  I could try asking what they think". So I emailed them, and went off to bed.  This "Australia/USA" time zone thing is weird.  I woke up early the next day with responses from both our wonderful stores.... Dear Kim, Royal West Indies is very nice!  It is a beachfront condo resort, only 3 stories with nice landscaping, pool etc. There is a bar and restaurant on property by the pool and...

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