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Want to come sailing in Australia with me 🌴

Back in September we took our family on a yacht charter to the Whitsunday islands, which is a group of islands just inside the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Now this distance doesn't really look too far on a map of Australia, but you need to remember that even though Australia only has 25 million people (compared to USA's 330 million people) we are almost as big a country (in land size) as you guys.  So that was an 18 hour drive .... ok we flew! Here is a little perspective on the size of Australia compared with the size of the United States... Now this was the first time I had been back to the Whitsunday Islands, since my parents took my sister and...

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All the way from the Caribbean to the OUTBACK.

Back in 2008 I was only into my third season of WEST INDIES WEAR, and I took what felt like a massive gamble at the time to attend Surf Expo as an exhibitor.  At that show I met Milena and her teenage daughter Karina, who had a cute little beach shack boutique on the famous surf spot in PR, Rincon. Every year thereafter I would see them at the show.  Sometimes it was Milena & Karina, then her dad Casey started to come too.   Over the years I watched Karina grow up, and then she stopped coming to the show, as she had embarked on her own life, moving to St.Barths.  Here is Karina in St.Barths, where she did...

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Guest Blog : Sandy Bay

Hi guys! My name is Amy and I’m takin’ over this BLOG SPACE! Whoop! If you don’t know me, I am Kim’s awesome baby sister and number one (though, currently retired) West Indies Wear model. Ha! I spent my entire 20’s living the dream in the Caribbean and I’m here today to talk about my very favorite island, Roatan… Enjoy x As Fall starts to dwindle into frosty mornings and down jackets after sunset, have you been dreaming about crystal-clear Caribbean waters? Sipping frozen cocktails with your feet in the sand? Exploring a new paradise? If so, I’d L O V E to introduce you to the beautiful Bay Islands, off the coast of Honduras and perched in the gorgeous...

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NEW compostable bags.... BUT you won't believe what I did !!

Well you guys know that I like to try to do the right thing.... all that plastic on our garments makes me feel ill, but with the shipments coming from India, and sitting in our warehouse, and then being shipped to you guys, I feel like I have no choice but to protect our island goodies from damage along the way.... Finally with all this talk about plastics, I did some research and discovered with horror, that the "biodegradable" plastics we have used for years.... is not actually that great either.  Did you realize that "biodegradable" just means that it doesn't necessarily "breakdown" it breaks UP into a gazillion tiny pieces.... yes tiny micro-plastics in our landfills, soils, oceans, and waterways....

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Sailing in the Whitsunday Islands

This time last week were sailing on a charter boat in the Whitsunday Islands.  It was the first time we had been sailing since we sold our own boat in the Caribbean to move back to Australia in 2011.  Since that time a lot has changed.  Our 7 year old daughter who grew up on the boat in the Caribbean with us is now 15.  We have also had 2 more children, since leaving the Caribbean, and they had never been on a sailboat before.... so it was quite an adventure for them all.  Here is a photo of us all as we were about to set off on our own. We had such an incredible trip.  The first 6 days were spectacular weather,...

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